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The Waffle Grips from Cult are a shop favourite here. They’re inspired by the classic Vans waffle sole design that we all love. Made of ODI‘s proprietary rubber compound, these grips are insanely comfortable, and durable. If you like these, be sure to check out the Cult Vans Waffle Tires as well!

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BMX JIBS OF THE DAY: Wethepeople – 83.5 hours in Vienna

Over five minutes of of solid footage with Wethepeople team riders Ed Zunda, Moritz Nussbaumer and Dillon Lloyd shredding Vienna. Click play!

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BMX JIBS OF THE DAY: Kaden “Dubby” Stone – 10 for 10

The future of BMX is bright with riders like 10-year-old Kaden Stone out there putting in work. Watch Kaden get gnarly on his Sunday Primer 16!

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There’s plenty of complete bikes out there whose hubs don’t have purpose built hub guards available. This is where universal hub guards are especially useful. The most popular universal guard you’ll see at parks is the G-Sport G.L.A.N.D.. It fits on every wheel, mounts very easily with either zip ties or a nylon strap, and its plastic construction is light, durable, and slides effortlessly. It’s also quite affordable.

If you also grind on your drive side, there’s a great universal solution from Primo BMX. The Primo DSG is available in lightweight plastic, or super durable aluminum. It’s meant to protect your spokes, driver and chain on any 14mm rear hub with up to a 10t driver. It simply slides over the axle between the hub and frame.

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BMX JIBS OF THE DAY: Kevin Kalkoff – Concrete Brothers

Shadow Conspiracy flow rider Kevin Kalkoff shows off some buttery park riding with his two half brothers in this chill web edit. It’s great how well that smooth riding matches the smooth jazz soundtrack.

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